Recruitment Patch

Complete this form to submit a Scout for having recruited another Scout into Scouting. You will need to provide both Scouts' names and we will verify both are registered Scouts. If a Scout is not registered then a patch will not be awarded and the newly recruited Scout should be registered when this form is submitted. 

This patch is available for Scouts that have been recruited and registered from 8/1/20 to 10/25/20.

Info for Scout that did the recruitment.
*Scouts First Name
*Scouts Last Name
*Unit Type
What unit is the Scout registered in?
*Unit Number
New Scout's Info
*Scout's First Name
*Scouts Last Name
*Unit Type
What unit did the new Scout join?
*Unit Number
Send the Patch
Please let us know where to send the patch. Do you want us to mail it or do you want us to hold on to it for pickup at the Scout Office.
*Leader's or Parent's First Name
*Leader's or Parent's Last Name
*Leader's or Parent's Phone Number
*I would like to:
Street Address
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Thank You
Having a new Scout in the program is very exciting. If you have any questions please email