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The Popcorn Newsletter and e-mails will have the latest information and links for signing up for Storefront Sales, Product Orders, and more.


If you have not received any e-mails, be sure and contact us at popcorn@nevadabsa.org 


Important Changes To Popcorn Ordering, Distribution/Pickup, and Returns

This year we are implementing a few important changes to the ordering and pickup process. No returns will be allowed this year, with the exception of defective product. Units must inspect for damage at the time of pickup. 

Units submit their initial order no later than Sun. August 2nd. If you need more product, you have three additional opportunities to order popcorn product needed for your Show-&-Sells and Take-Orders.

We are NOT having warehouse days - Units may only pick up what they've ordered for Show-&-Sells and Take-Orders.

All orders will be placed through your Trail's End Unit account. 


Popcorn Online Order & Distribution/Pickup Dates




1st Online Order

Sunday, August 2nd

Friday, August 21

2nd Online Order

Sunday, August 30th

Wednesday, September 9

3rd Online Order

Sunday, September 20th

Wednesday, September 30

4th Online Order

Sunday, October 25th

Wednesday, November 4



NEW Online Direct!


Popcorn University Training

Watch this training and in the video follow the instructions to notify us you watched the training in order to receive 5% more on your commission.


Questions? Need Help?

Trails End---  UnitSupport@trails-end.com 



Nevada Area Council---  popcorn@nevadabsa.org 

500 Double Eagle Court,  Reno, Nevada  89521

Phone: 775-787-1111 

Fax:  775-384-1766  


Council Popcorn Kernel--Jeanine Reddicks--  ninireddicks@aol.com

GREAT BASIN— Autumn Kranovich-- akranovich@gmail.com
SIERRA NEVADA— Megan Kiley-- MegKiley@aol.com
ZEPHYR— Pam Latham-- platham@mindspring.com

Council Staff--Pat Dannenberg-- pat.dannenberg@scouting.org

Council Staff--Paige Wadleigh-- paige.wadleigh@scouting.org

Scouts app sign up--text APP to 62771 to get a link to download.

Scouts online sales sign up--http://trails-end.com/login






Watch this training video to learn more about our Fall 2019 sale and get an additional commission. Make sure to follow the instructions in the video for the credit.


Thursday July 23rd       Popcorn University       6:30---7:30pm

Saturday August 1st      Popcorn Sale Begins    

Sunday August 2nd        1st Unit Show and Sell Orders Due Online

Sunday August 30th       2nd Unit Orders Due Online   

Sunday September 20th    3rd Unit Orders Due Online

Sunday October 25th      4th & Final Orders Due Online

Saturday October 31st    End of Popcorn Sale

Wednesday November 11th  Popcorn Invoices Emailed Out

Sunday December 6th      Popcorn Payment Deadline

Sunday December 6th      Popcorn Scholarship forms deadline

Sat. January 30, 2021    Tentative--Stellar Star Seller Event                                 Time TBD



Defective Product--You must inform the Council within 3 days of product pick up, if you have any defective product.  Defective product is to be returned to the Council.

Product Exchanges--All trades between units must be submitted to the Council within 3 days of the transfer, using the Popcorn Transfer Form found below.






Trails End Popcorn Scholarships

Trail's End (TE) has announced that they are phasing out the scholarship program and enhancing TE Rewards.

Why are we phasing out scholarship and enhancing
TE Rewards?

•    Only 1 out of 5 eligible Scouts ($2500+ in sales) actually enrolls in the scholarship and collects their scholarship funds. This utilization is too low.
•    TE Rewards has already released gift cards for over 96% of Scouts and the number increases daily. With TE Rewards, Scouts get what they earn.

•    Scouts who claim their scholarship funds wait an average of 10 years, whereas with TE Rewards all Scouts claim their gift cards immediately.

•    TE Rewards offers Scout families with more flexibility, as gift cards can be used to purchase Scout prizes or everyday items, or even be converted to cash and saved in a private scholarship account. 

What do I need to know regarding these changes?

•    Scouts enrolled in the scholarship by March 31, 2020, can continue to submit scholarship forms and their account will be credited 4% of their sales for the popcorn fundraiser in 2020, 2021 and 2022. Sales in later years will not be credited to the scholarship program. Sales after December 31, 2022, will not be eligible for credits to a Scout’s scholarship account.

•    There will be no new Scout enrollments into the scholarship program after March 31, 2020.

•    TE will continue to pay out existing scholarship funds to eligible recipients under the current scholarship program.

•    Scholarship changes were decided by TE, not your local council.

•    TE will be notifying Scouts who sold $2,500+ in 2019, as well as active Scouts enrolled in the scholarship program.

To check on current Trails End Popcorn Scholarships, please email Trails End at:

 scholarship@trails-end.com to request your scholarship account statement.


If you have any questions, please contact Paige Wadleigh at popcorn@nevadabsa.org  or call 775-787-1111.


*Trail's End Popcorn Collage Scholarship Form for Continuing Scholarships

*Trail's End College Scholarship Program Terms and Conditions              

 *Trail's End College Scholarship Payout Form



For over 35 years, Trail's End has been in partnership with the Boy Scouts of America to help local Scout units (Packs, Troops, Crews, Posts or Ships) and their Councils raise the money needed to fund programs and activities throughout the year. Scouts and their families are responsible for raising money for their units, so purchases directly help Scouts earn the funding needed to participate in Scouting adventures. As we’ve seen over the past three decades, adventures in Scouting build character and leadership, and create memories that last a lifetime.



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